Cycas taitungensis seed on Ebay

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Cycas taitungensis seed on Ebay

Post by Troppoz » Tue Oct 11, 2011 1:09 am

There was recently a discussion about the Emperor cycad, Cycas taitungensis, which is similar to Cycas revoluta but larger, faster growing and more cold hardy. I posted a link to an Australian Ebay seller but at that stage he did not have any listed. Just checking his store today and spotted these; ... 35b5e52158

A bit of info about the species;

This seller posts to the UK, and being seeds you will have no problem with quarantine and import. He is a terrific seller so no worries about his integrity, you will get what you pay for and get it fast.

Happy bidding icon_thumleft

Cycas taitungensis

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Re: Cycas taitungensis seed on Ebay

Post by JoelR » Tue Oct 11, 2011 8:01 am

That is a nice looking cycad Sean. Rare Palm Seeds have them for sale at 10 seeds for 32.20 euros. Their notes about the plant are word for word the same as this ebay seller. They are also £8.50 for a one leaf seedling from jan at I recently bought a couple of Jan's plants. I need to save space for Encephalartos whitelockii, another fast grower (for a cycad).

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