storm to hit more southern areas: 14/02/2014-15/02/2014)

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Re: storm to hit more southern areas: 14/02/2014-15/02/2014)

Post by GREVILLE » Sat Feb 15, 2014 10:47 pm

More damage and casualties from the latest storm.
Three year planted Eucalyptus perriniana is down with roots ripped. No chance for this.
Three year planted Eucalyptus nitens leaning at 45 degrees. I'll prune this down to a secondary leader, stake it upright and hope it survives. These were partial windbreaks.
Clematis armandii down from wall but this can be reinstated.
Fan palms leaves from Sabal, Trithrinax Washingtonia and Trachycarpus damaged. (Brahea and all Chamaerops OK)

Two glasshouse panes smashed
Heavy glazed pot holding five leggy Aloe striatula standing on a large flat rock by the pond was IN the pond :shock:
How's this for irony: Anemometer and rain gauge both broken on the lawn, crushed by overturned table, chairs and bench.

I estimate gust(s) were close to 80 MPH late last night, judging by the huge roars heard and the damage done. (Kenley, local Met Office station had over 70 MPH.)

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Re: storm to hit more southern areas: 14/02/2014-15/02/2014)

Post by stephenprudence » Sat Feb 15, 2014 11:42 pm

Ouch thats sounds bad! :( Hope your plants recover as best as possible.

I think the horizonral rain we had with the storm on Thursday as knackered my temperature sensor (rain getting inside the battery compartment and connection ports).. I'm going to have to use my backup whilst I source another sensor kit.
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Re: storm to hit more southern areas: 14/02/2014-15/02/2014)

Post by Nathan » Sat Feb 15, 2014 11:53 pm

flounder wrote:
Nathan wrote:Been seeing the reports of damage due to wind & flooding yet again in Portsmouth from relatives on Facebook icon_thumbdown
Like you really care with your flip flops and shorts and your total disregard to post more pictures.....meh :(
And probably balmy evenings sipping a nice red....double meh :mrgreen:

I need a holiday :cry:
Well despite the relatively warm weather here we have fully acclimatised, as we see tourists walking around in T-shirts, shorts & flip flops, while we wear our coats :lol:
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