Canna 6 months later

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Canna 6 months later

Post by Gareth Davies » Fri Apr 22, 2011 10:22 pm

Last year I posted some photos in a thread about Ensete maurellii as I'd brought some bargains at the end of season from a couple of garden centres. One of them was a chopped down, frosted no hoper but I was a bit suspicious about what the label said it was and thought it was a Canna. Another user on here also thought it was a Canna and said it looked diseased. I decided to stick with it and see if it could be saved. Some of you on here may remember that I have an indoor growing room for palms and other exotics that I've also posted about. Anyway, this is where it has been residing for the last 6 months until the other day when I noticed it had started to flower so it's now at home. A nice early flower for the garden. What could be better?


Canna October 2010.JPG
The original 'non' Ensete.
Canna April 2011.JPG
The result of a bit of care.

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