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Emergency seedling protection working well!

Posted: Fri Dec 28, 2012 1:20 pm
by medjool
As the Autumn advanced i was looking for a bargain greenhouse and nothing turned up,what i did find were 6 sheets of Kingspan home insultion,and decided to try something different.Kingspan sheets were about 5ft long,i placed one sheet up against the house on a south east facing wall,then place another raised half an inch above the floor in front,this was then covered in bubble wrap and 25 seedling pots were placed on top,including Reclinata,Sylvestris,and Ensete.The next stage was to place a B&q folding table standing over the top of the seedlings and a further Kingspan sheet was placed on top,next i cut two smaller squares of Kingspam for both ends.Finally a Clear plastic tarp covers the whole lot, the tarp is raised up during the day to improve ventilation.One final section of Kingspan is ready to place across the front of the whole lot in case of a sharp frost,and tealights have been used when it drops below -4c! I will tell you how it how it works after the winter! although so far very good!