Digitalis (ahem) illumination.

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Digitalis (ahem) illumination.

Post by stephenprudence » Thu Jun 20, 2013 4:11 pm

I got one of these today - I'm fairly interested in the Isoplexis genes.. Foxgloves look a stunning sight in flower, but these new hybrids offer some subtropical potential.. and as long as the genetic hybridisation doesn't include a huge dose of cold tenderness, some potential long live perennials.

If these turned out to be hardy, then they could end up branching like Isoplexis, it's genetic half parent. That excites me, as a fairly tropical looking evergreen plant could be hardy enough in the UK. Obviously this hybrid is not old enough to have generated woody stem formation as they haven't been grown long enough.. but it's an exciting prospect?

Anyone had any experience of growing these?


Re: Digitalis (ahem) illumination.

Post by Lys » Thu Jan 02, 2014 9:32 pm

Hi Stephen,

How did you get on with this, any piccies? Thinking about adding Digitalis ‘Illumination Chelsea Gold' to my seed order this year (alternatively I could try Digitalis canariensis). Any thoughts?

EDIT: Can only get Digitalis ‘Illumination Chelsea Gold' as 9cm plants from T&M (they are completely sterile). icon_aaargh

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