Then and Now, how your garden has developed


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Post by rburrena » Tue Feb 18, 2014 1:09 pm

RogerBacardy wrote:Rburrena, I like the way your path is on the shady side and the bed is against the sunny south-facing fence. Speaking of which, who replaced it? They've done a top job. Also see your neighbours have an enclosed trampoline and wooden climbing frame with a tubular slide - nice. Guess you get to hear children playing in the summer.

Your Phoenix canariensis_Phoenix canariensis_CIDP has put on a fair bit of growth whilst your waggy looks very healthy. Do you use that outbuilding at the bottom? I think it makes sense to have something at the bottom of the garden, to make a destination, so you use the whole garden :)
Yes,the south-south east facing fence and bed are perfectly laid out, it's lucky, not to do with my planning, probably a happy accident I adopted, I believe it really helps. The area outside the house is a real sun-trap as well, on a hot summer day it is not comfortable to sit out there in full sun but it is fantastic in spring, and great for all my potted plants.

Yes the neighbours children are pretty spoiled when it comes to their garden (or playground). They love it, and my little girl has been round to play there with us, she loves the trampoline.

The fence was actually a nightmare, they did do a fantastic job when they finally replaced it, which I really, really do appreciate, especially with the winds this year, I have total confidence in it.

The problem was they took 7 months to do it (and killed some of my plants in the process). Thankfully I had to wait mostly over the winter months last winter, but well into spring too unfortunately, I think it was early June when it was finally finished. I was probably quite absent from the forums around that time. I didn't have the garden to myself, which was so depressing, there are worse things in life, but the garden is important to me, along with the cold start to Spring it was not a fun time. It's all a distant memory now though :D :D

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Re: Then and Now, how your garden has developed

Post by Tom and Shell » Wed Feb 19, 2014 7:45 pm

cordyman wrote:[ Image ]

lovely varied border there! great planting icon_salut
cheers Cordy icon_salut icon_salut

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