All my Succulents now indoors for winter

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Re: All my Succulents now indoors for winter

Post by Dave Brown » Fri Nov 08, 2013 10:20 am

sanatic1234 wrote:So give them the agaves a light watering every so often over the winter then or more often with them being small the bigger ones i have had 2 years now they seem to be fine with being watered once over winter. Have notice that my Aeonium drops quite a few leaves over winter but i did put that down to lack of sunlight.
This is where it starts to get tricky. If they are in a peat based compost then once wetted they are too wet, so you have to be very careful. In a loam/grit compost that drains/dries quickly then they will need a few sparse waterings from the bottom, never the top.

Best conditions from my experience are:
Gritty loam based compost - quick draining/drying
bright light
plenty of airflow

Worst conditions
Peat/bark compost, even if grit added, as drains but stays wet.
low light
enclosed with no airflow.

Indoors is not the best place for them, and should be stood outside in a cool, dry, sunny place as often as possible :wink:
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