Ensete Hiniba frosted to -2.1C and lives to tell the tale

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Ensete Hiniba frosted to -2.1C and lives to tell the tale

Post by Dave Brown » Sun Nov 03, 2019 5:08 pm

I spent most of last summer and autumn dealing with a house clearance, repair, and sale. Finally it was gone on 19th November, and I could start to think about my garden, no sooner had I started to think about getting plants in, and we had the first frost of the year overnight 21st/22nd November, and I had moved virtually nothing :ahhh!:

Temps dipped away to -2.1C causing Brug and Hiniba defoliation. Fortunately it was only the leaves that were damaged on the Hiniba, and most of those have to be removed to get it in anyway. The roller escaped and continued to grow. It was finally dug out and brought in on December 18th icon_thumright

I let it dry out so growth stopped overwinter, but gradually started to water from mid Feb. No pics of growth or planting out as been strapped for time in the early part of the year, but have a few pics over the summer and up to September.
IMG_20181020_164600_EXP1 R.jpg
Ensete Hiniba 20th Oct 2018
IMG_20181126_084913_HDR R.jpg
Ensete Hiniba after frost 26th Nov 2018
IMG_20181203_105650_HDR R.jpg
Ensete Hiniba damage 3rd Dec 2018
IMG_20181203_105711_HDR R.jpg
Ensete Hiniba Roller green 3rd Dec 2018
IMG_20181226_155011_HDR R.jpg
Ensete Hiniba in conservatory 26th Dec 2018
IMG_20190709_192813_HDR R.jpg
Ensete Hiniba 9th July 2019
IMG_20190724_164032_HDR R.jpg
Ensete Hiniba 24th July 2019
20190807_162057 R.jpg
Ensete Hiniba in garden 7th August 2019
IMG_20190807_161224_HDR R.jpg
Ensete Hiniba towards bungalow 7th August 2019
IMG_4978 e R.jpg
Ensete Hiniba and me 21st Sep 2019
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Ensete Hiniba frosted to -2.1C and lives to tell the tale

Post by GREVILLEAJ » Fri Nov 08, 2019 9:20 pm

Dave, is this the surviving hiniba that you didn't use for pupping about five or six years ago? If so, you must be glad you held one back as insurance and that it's tough and reliable enough to overwinter dry potted.

Has it beaten being frosted this year?

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