Cycas potting on question

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Cycas potting on question

Post by Ste » Sat Mar 24, 2012 11:36 am

Im really pleased with the cycad r I recently bought from the guy in Spain, infact i've just ordered another one 5 minutes ago. The only thing with it was that it is quite loose in the pot it came in so I was going to re-pot it. Do these like to stay in fairly small pots rather than having loads of room? The smaller the pot the better for me as i'm burying the pots so that they can be lifted in winter but I literally have no space at all so if it will be happy in a small pot then that will be better for me. Also, potting mix???????? Do they like lots of sand/perlite/compost............. and do they have to be kept fairly dry or can they be watered like all the other palms get watered a few times each week?

Nigel Fear

Re: Cycas potting on question

Post by Nigel Fear » Sun Mar 25, 2012 10:52 am

They don't seem to mind being in relatively small pots Ste, just a few inches wider and deeper than the suppliers pot will do for ages, as for growing medium, I alway's use a John Inness no3. with a little multipurpose and little extra grit such as pea shingle etc. for drainage.
You can water them as much as you like during the summer, it won't mind at all, and will help with a new flush, others even plunge the pot in a bucket for day's on end, but I've never found that much water is neccessary.
If it's to be kept in a coldish greenhouse, or risked outside over winter though, back off on the watering unless the compost is obviously shrinking away through drought.

They really are low maintenance plants though, but once flushing, best left in situ to avoid new leaf distortion.


Re: Cycas potting on question

Post by Matcycas7 » Sun Apr 01, 2012 2:02 pm

Hi ste,

If you select bigger pot you should drill more holes in the pot. You have to test your pot without keeping your Cycas in it by keeping layers of sand and perlite in the pot such that if you pour 5 litres of water in a 5 litres pot then atleast 3 litres of water should come out. Water should not stay on the roots. See page 3 in this link ... 9&start=30


Re: Cycas potting on question

Post by Vagetarian » Sun Apr 01, 2012 3:17 pm

The amount of water that the pot holds is determined by the water holding capacity of the potting medium.

Adding holes allows any excess water to drain away faster, nothing more. Although, adding loads of holes around the pot will make the outside dry out, but the middle will not.

If you choose too big of a pot then you need to reduce the amount of water the medium can hold in the first place. But, when the plant fills out the pot it will be drying out very fast.

Choose the right sized pot! :D


Re: Cycas potting on question

Post by Matcycas7 » Mon Apr 02, 2012 3:20 pm

Hi Vegetarian,

What you said is right. Choose the right size pot. Our aim is to not to let the water stay on the roots. If we fill the pot only with sand then the center of pot may remain wet even if we drill holes at the pot sides. If we want to dry it uniformly then make top and bottom layers with 30 % perlite and middle layer with 70% sand in pot. Sand must be of good quality that is available at nurseries and it flows like salt. Don't use rock hard sand. Take a stick and insert in pot to check whether it dried deeply. I have done this test long back and it dries well and drains well and today it pays off 37 fronds even by keeping old leaves healthy with slightly dry spots as it's a flush time in this link ... 8&p=289162


Re: Cycas potting on question

Post by Dim » Mon Apr 02, 2012 3:27 pm

many people are raving about the air-pots ... the plants produces thicker roots and much more roots than in a conventional pot


I have not tried it yet, and not sure if it would be suited for a Cycas, but it may be worth looking into?

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