Parajubaea Torallyi ssp Torallyi.

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Re: Parajubaea Torallyi ssp Torallyi.

Post by Nathan » Sat Jan 04, 2014 12:32 pm

flounder wrote:So then Nathan, you're finally in the land of the endless wind and pot holes! It's about time for a picture show icon_thumleft
Surprisingly it hasn't been that windy at all since we have been here & because of EU funding the roads are much better now icon_thumright My back garden is incredibly sheltered anyway, infact so sheltered that no wind registers on my weather station at all lol...

I will get some pictures up soon of what space I have to play with out here, as well as some of the exotics growing around me icon_thumleft
Malta - USDA Zone 11a

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