Help needed - T Fortunei after transplant

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Help needed - T Fortunei after transplant

Post by Agita » Mon Apr 13, 2020 10:44 am

I hope some of you kind palm fans can advise please what to do to help our palm revive. :|
2 weeks ago we’ve purchased and transplanted a healthy looking T Fortunei palm (from a garden in Essex to Surrey). I understand palms might go through a transplant stress however I’m not sure when it is stress and when is a palm actually slowly dying. How do you actually differentiate and most importantly what’s to be done to allow it to revive...?
Our palm’s fonds are becoming yellow/ brown and they seem to be closing and in some areas curling. We’ve been watering it probably once every 4 days or so (and it’s been very warm and dry here recently) always checking the ground making sure it’s not still wet. Should we start fertilising it with something specific? The new fonds it came with are also looking like they are starting to get yellow. I’d much appreciate some clarification on how long such “stress” would normally last till the palm (hopefully!) starts growing again and some advice on what to do. Pictures attached - thank you very much! icon_sunny

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Help needed - T Fortunei after transplant

Post by charliep » Wed Apr 15, 2020 6:51 am

I dont have a huge experience with palms, but the only one I have bought as a grown plant (rather than grown by me from seed) did exactly what yours is doing! most of the original leaves went over the next two years but all the new leaves looked fine.
You new leaves at the moment are ones that had all ready started so dont count as "new"

Dont try and feed it yet and reduce the amount of water you are giving or you will kill it with kindness, remove any actual dead leaves but leave any with green on.

Hopefully a palm person will come along and give you more info
Charlie Pridham
Gardening in Cornwall

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