Variegated Caryota mitis (Fishtail Palm)


Re: Variegated Caryota mitis (Fishtail Palm)

Post by jimhardy » Sun Aug 05, 2012 12:54 pm

Dave Brown wrote:
jimhardy wrote:Yep,I thought the box felt a little lite upon opening...

They probably threw the plant away-sure it was bare root...

Tempting to try again :( such a beautiful palm! ... 56486a45a2
I thought most of this was about tax revenue.?

The pic is certainly a very beautiful palm. I doubt you get one that good for $25. The Japanese pay a fortune for the 'right' variegated palms.

I don't think you get one at all-he does charge $30 for shipping which
if he is not putting the proper documentation in is his to keep.

A lot of sellers on e-bay do this,you see a great little plant for $7 and
they want 10-$15 for shipping!


Re: Variegated Caryota mitis (Fishtail Palm)

Post by miketropic » Sun Sep 16, 2012 8:49 pm

so no one has any personal experience with that seller..he has ALOT of stuff I would like to get but I cant drop 300 or so USD on multiple plants that has no promises of making it to me. I feel like if your the seller it should be up to you to have everything on the up and up to make sure I get my plants if your going to take my money. Id really love to order some of his stuff but I can't risk it not getting here although I think we are about as lacks as it comes with plant importing over here

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