Clarification of some scientific terms please.

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Clarification of some scientific terms please.

Post by khaskings » Fri Sep 11, 2009 8:44 am

Hello everyone,

I have acquired some healthy leaves from a Zamioculcas and whilst researching how to propagate them I came across some terms which I was unable to clarify exactly so I know in my own mind that I will be using the correct method. I'll list them along with my understanding of them and if anyone can throw anyone (more) light on them I would appreciate it.

rachis cutting - not sure, possibly the same as a heel cutting

basal cutting - leaf cutting, sticking a whole leaf with a little of the stem in a potting substrate

apical cutting - tip of a plant cutting like taking fuschia cuttings

single leaflet - not sure if this is a whole leaf like basal, or a cut section of leaf like Mother in laws tongue type cuttings

I have leaves in 3 different situations at the moment all in a conservatory.
1. In a few mm of water
2. A whole leaf in compost/grit mix
3. A dual leafed tip with about 5cm of stem in compost/grit mix (no rooting powder)

If you can help or clarify the mystery of the terms used that would be useful. If you can do so with particular reference to Zamioculcas that would be even better :D

Here's the results of some experiments detailing the best way to propagate them, if you can understand the terms used :( ... rnr=813_77




Re: Clarification of some scientific terms please.

Post by Charles » Fri Sep 11, 2009 11:47 am

You may find some of these links useful,for leaf vocabulary,have a look at this,
You may also find the International Aroid Society site very useful too.


Re: Clarification of some scientific terms please.

Post by countrylover » Fri Sep 11, 2009 12:02 pm

Here's how to make a rachis cutting:

sorry I'm not van Gogh :lol:

I think that basal leaflet cutting (blc), apical leaflet cutting (alc) and single leaflet cutting (slc) tell us from which part of the whole leaf cuttings are taken. So blc are taken from the base of the leaf (2-4 leaves), apc are 2 leaflets taken from the very top, and all leaflets between blc and alc are slc. icon_geek I might be wrong but this is how I understand this thing. :?


Re: Clarification of some scientific terms please.

Post by weve » Fri Sep 11, 2009 12:33 pm

My understanding of the terms mentioned are:

Rachis cutting: Rachis is the term for the central stalk on pinnate or bipinnate leaves such as cycads or ferns (ie the central "stem" of the frond). Not heard it associated with cuttings. But I would say you use the central "stem" of the frond as your propagating material (A "leaf cutting" would be an ambiguous term for such plants as it may be understood as taking just single pinnae off the rachis)

Basal Cutting: Could be wrong, but my understanding is that this is not applicable to leaves. It is a method of propagating multistemmed perennials/shrubs from shoots eminating from the crown, just below or at soil level. Euphorbia mellifera can be propagated using this method, and (altho' I've not thought of it this way before) taking basjoo pups is, I suppose, a basal cutting.

Apical cutting:shoot tip (as you say)

Single Leaflet : I would understand this as taking a whole single leaf (or leaflet/pinna) and its petiole (leaf stalk) if present, from a compound leaf. ie: An individual pinna (leaflet) can be removed from the rachis and rooted.

Hope this helps a little (its only my understanding, plumbed from the depth of my dim and distant past!) Alas tho' I cannot relate the above to Zamioculcas as I have no experience of this plant at all.




Re: Clarification of some scientific terms please.

Post by khaskings » Fri Sep 11, 2009 2:03 pm

Cheers people. It's all alot clearer now. I'll let you know how I get on.


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