Gunnera putting up new leaves

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Gunnera putting up new leaves

Post by samtobuk » Sun Jan 19, 2014 11:58 pm

Just checked in on some of the plants in the greenhouse and noticed my Gunnera (fairly small but potted) has burst through the fleece I wrapped it in and is putting up new leaves! :?

Presuming my greenhouse is just too warm, and it doesn't know it's winter!? Min temp in there so far is 5 degrees, and average is around 8-9 degrees. Lined with bubble, and has a fan running but no real need for the heater element, so the fan alone seems to generate enough heat to keep things 'mild'.

I had covered the crown of the Gunnera in straw and then a fleece wrap having lost one last year where I just covered with the dead leaves (that was potted though and outside and a pretty young plant).

So ........ do I remove it from the greenhouse so it knows it's winter, or just let the new growth do it's thing anf lose the insulation? Will it be expecting an almost daily drink if it is actively growing ....... no chance I can be out there watering regularly in the dark!

And overall, is 9 degrees a bit toasty for overwintering my collection (couple of Dicksonia, varied palms, some succulents, a few less hardy Agapanthus etc.). Not sure I can do much about it, as need the fan running to keep the air moving.




Re: Gunnera putting up new leaves

Post by flounder » Mon Jan 20, 2014 5:10 pm

Maybe loosen the wrappings during the mild times but keep an eye out for a potential cold snap. One of my gunnera is starting to grow outside. It's keeping up with a rhubarb that might be ready for picking next week(licks lips in anticipation)

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