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Re: Bird feeding

Post by kracker » Tue Mar 19, 2013 7:27 am

Imagine my surprise a few weeks ago when the snow was deep to see a RAT in the garden yep eating the dried fruit and seed ,straight away i stopped the feeding it did come back a few times over the next couple of days then for a few weeks it
disappeared thinking it was last i'd seen of it then it happened last week it came back this time it's in the neighbors garden
and they are having kittens straight on the phone to rentokil £200 please :shock: ,council £40 :shock: council it is then ,so im getting the needle off our lass for not telling her in the first place :lol: i have put down my own live traps laced with chocolate and not seen it for a few days .the council are blaming me for feeding the birds .im blaming the council for switching to fortnightly bin collection a couple of weeks before i first noticed the rat ,the bin bags had been rifled through :evil:


Re: Bird feeding

Post by waggy1 » Fri Mar 22, 2013 5:01 pm

Again, thanks for the idea, which i've put into action earlier today. I've made some lard,seed, meal worm feeds for the birds in small moulds and I am just waiting for them to harden up. I don't have many birds visiting my garden where I live but we enjoy the ones who do come - bobby blackbird and his partner, tommy thrush, hedgy (sparrow) and Mr pigeon. Our favourite is bobby blackbird as he has character, he loves his mealworms, sings his song from nearby tree in the morning, and sometimes tends to reach the mealworm feeder before i've taken a few paces. Anyway, the liquid mixture should be hardening up nicely in their moulds.

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