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Disputes with suppliers

Posted: Wed Jul 13, 2011 6:58 am
by Dave Brown
I am ammending the forum rules to not allow topics or posts naming suppliers in a public forum, where members are in dispute over plants supplied. This is not unreasonable, as most disputes, relating to plants, are a matter of opinion, but seem to be expressed in many cases, as fact.

"I was not happy with the plants supplied" is expressing an opinion. "They supplied rubbish plants" is stating a fact. Expressing opinions as facts could lead to legal action for defamation of character against this site, and me, as the owner.

Hardy Tropicals has a good search engine ranking, and anything said on a public forum could end up on an internet search within days. This means the information will be visible to anyone searching 'key' words in the topic. For instance a search of 'ZYX Plants', could bring up a result of "ZYX Plants supplied rubbish plants", possibly higher up the search than the company website.

This is not a public review website, asking people to rank their purchases, so if anyone is not happy with what they have received, they need to communicate that to the seller, and if they want to discuss THEIR OPINION with other members, they should do so in the private 'Members Suppliers' section. I would also urge that if other members have been quite happy with a supplier being discussed, they should add that opinion so there is a balanced view.

Please bear in mind that many plants may be supplied in good faith, but may not meet a person's expectations for one reason or another. Even the best suppliers will probably have someone, at sometime, who is not happy with their plants. It is unfair for that one person to then air their opinion publically on the internet, when there may be hundreds of others quite happy with their purchases.

Dave - Admin

Topic locked, as this is not a discussion item.