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Forum Rules

Posted: Fri Jun 15, 2007 1:41 pm
by Aidan Brown
Hi everyone

As the forum is getting bigger now i think it's time to update these rules and make sure everyone knows them. :D

Please be polite, and remember everyone has the right to have a differing opinion :-)

New and non active members may not have full functionality in keeping with our anti spam and nusience policy. These members will not be able to use the PM and email facility until they actively start posting. Also any member who ceases to post for a period of time will become 'non-active' be subject to similar restrictions.

Posts - If you feel that a post is inappropriate in some way there is the option to report it by clicking this image below each post (Image) which will mean that the moderators will be alerted to that post. This may result in the post being edited/removed. i would ask that you do not respond to these posts individually but continue to post on that thread.

Post Spelling - Here on HTUK we don't mind bad spelling (we're not going to kick you out :D ), but if you make some minor errors your posts may be edited by moderators to correct them. To make things easier there is now a spell checker please check out this link.

Private Messages - If you receive a Private Message from someone that is inappropriate or of an offensive nature and you wish to report it do not delete it, as it will be permanently deleted, send me a PM telling me about the abusive PM and their username. I can then look at the PM and take appropriate action. To make these messages available to members they are stored in a database which allows them to be accessed from your account. If contacted by either a sender or recipient of a message or if asked to, due to suspicion of illegal activity, they may be looked at to access the content of the message and take appropriate action if necessary. Messages are not automatically screened for content and are the responsibility of the sender. I would not advise using Private Messages for sensitive personal or financial information as the messages travel unencrypted between your computer and our server and is not encrypted in this database. Anyone reported as misusing this facility will be investigated and we reserve the right to remove the service.

Photo Attachments - These are a great way to share photo's of your garden and other things but anything that is offensive or inappropriate may be removed without warning.

Any messages i receive about inappropriate use of the forum will be looked into.

Punishment - if i find that the PM or post is of an offensive or inappropriate nature you will be on a 5 strikes and you're out system.
  • 1st strike - Warning Via PM.
  • 2nd strike - banned from the forum for 24 hours.
  • 3rd strike - banned from the forum for 1 week.
  • 4th strike - banned from the forum for 1 month.
  • 5th strike - banned permanently, IP, username and e-mail.
This system is at the discretion of the moderators and administrators. If at any point you feel something has been removed or edited out and do not know why, please PM (rather than post a message) either a member of the moderators or Admin Team.

If you have any other problems or queries that you would like answered please feel free to PM me or drop me an e-mail at

Last but not least Happy Posting! 8)

These rules may be ammended at any time without notification, and by posting on this board you are agreeing to be bound by them..