More hot days this year to date, than last year put together

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Re: More hot days this year to date, than last year put toge

Post by cordyman » Sat Jun 02, 2012 7:09 pm

otorongo wrote:
cordyman wrote:Can you run the same stats for Manchester? icon_thumleft
Sure. Data for Manchester:

January: 0
February (1-28): 4
March: 2
April: 80
May: 101

TOTAL: 187

January: 0
February (1-29): 4
March: 13
April: 2
May: 133

TOTAL: 152

I'll leave the comments to you, Cordyman ;)

If anyone else wants to get the stats for their location:

1. Go to the Wunderground page for your city, e.g. for London
2. Click under "Weather Station", which will take you to the historical data page, e.g. for London that will be ... story.html
3. If that page has a "Degree Days" section you're good, if not you can't get the GDDs.
4. Click on the "Monthly" tab
5. "Growing Degree Days (base 50)"/"sum" is the value to look at for the currently selected month.
6. Select another month/year from the dropdowns (ignore the day) or use the "Previous Month" and "Next Month" links.
This "degree days" table is probably the most "at a glance" summary of a month, and a year to date i've seen. I can instantly look at 2011 April with 80 and reignite fond memories of a couple of weeks of scorching clear blue skies. Then look at 2012 Aprils score of 2 and recollect the grey rubbish! It also perfectly highlights the week spell of decent weather in March 2012 vs nothing in 2011.

Seems the best way to summarise an area and month year vs year at a very quick glance.

Funny as first time i've heard of this "degree days" table icon_thumleft

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