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Re: Looks like a nice healthy Polar Vortex 22nd Dec 13

Posted: Sun Dec 22, 2013 11:09 pm
by Nigel
Tom2006 wrote:
GREVILLE wrote:Does the continuing fall in Northern hemisphere sea temperatures through the winter interfere with the vortex? Gain in daylight hours certainly can't intrude on it's behaviour yet. Today, we've only gained one second of daylight over yesterday.
I don't think it will. There is a current school of thought that the vortex solidity is due the sea ice and its formation and total coverage....but no one really knows. Over the last few years people have started to monitor sudden Stratospheric warming, which is believed to displace the cold air from the arctic south, but again no one really knows.
I think its significant that this year arctic sea ice levels were much closer to historic levels than in previous years.