February and Winter Statistics


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Post by stephenprudence » Sun Mar 02, 2014 1:54 pm

I meant in our lifetimes.. Admittedly a ridculous error on my part.


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Post by madgav » Mon Mar 03, 2014 5:57 pm

Ok here are mine.
A very strange winter. In terms of mean temps it was close to average, however in terms of absolute lows it was one of the mildest winters I have recorded in >20 years living here. The absolute low for the 3-month 'meteorological' winter was an incredible -0.4C. This is exceptionally high and equates to USDA zone 10a for the 'meteorological' winter, albeit in typically unpredictable fashion following the end of 'meteorological' winter the weather has brought us back to zone 9b reality with a -2.0C this morning (March 3rd).
Also absent was a significant number of really mild days, with most days at or around the mean for the time of year. And that I suppose is what was so strange about this winter, the almost complete lack of any temperature variation.
Also of note was the exceptional domination of wet & windy weather (even more so than normal, although here the rainfall amounts weren't remotely close to that experienced by southern England). The whole winter was unsettled bar the first two weeks of December. These two weeks deserve a special mention since they, like the last week of November, provided what I consider the most pleasant type of winter weather - dry, calm and mild (albeit quite cloudy).
Finally it is notable that the winter was to all intents and purposes snowless.


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Post by Nathan » Thu Mar 06, 2014 9:20 am

Here are my stats in weather box format with the official Malta Met Office stats from the airport for comparison (sunshine figures are both from Luqa airport)...

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