Vanishing Threads.


Re: Vanishing Threads.

Post by Kyle » Fri Mar 02, 2012 8:45 pm

Thanks everyone. Seems I'm probably trying to run before I can walk on here. I'd better stay shtum on certain topics if they could have answers in Off Topic..

Hope you're feeling better, Dave. icon_thumleft Great job with the site. It seems to show up on google with nearly every query I've had for months.


Re: Vanishing Threads.

Post by Kristen » Fri Mar 02, 2012 11:02 pm

Dave Brown wrote:Kirsten, there is no seemless transition to registered user plus as I vet all users before they are allowed access to write pms. If someone does not appear to be behaving well, they don't get upgraded. I've been unwell this week and no-one has been upgraded. :roll:
Sorry Dave, I didn't mean it quite like you are saying it.

I could not get the "Click the checkbox to request an upgrade to PLUS" to work when I first joined. I could not save my request, Or if I did, it was not apparent to me that it had saved. So you may well have been able to see my request, but I didn't know whether you could or not.

That was all I was meaning about it not being "seamless". I fully understand that you, quite rightly, vet such requests.

In the end I sent you an email and you kindly upgraded me. Judging by the thread where other people, including Kyle, and me before him, have asked about this suggests that other people are, at the least, confused about the process and whether it is working or not. Just like growing a T. fortunei seed for the first time :)

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