Wood to concrete fence posts - advice?

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Re: Wood to concrete fence posts - advice?

Post by Dave Brown » Fri Mar 16, 2012 9:07 pm

I'm replacing posts this spring as the wind snapped them off at the point they go into the post spike. They aren't rotten just weren't strong enough to take a 6ft panel in a hurricane. :roll:

Looked at concrete and wood. Similar price but still no contest...... wood wins hands down.

Wood : I can get 6 x 2.4m posts in the car to get home, and then fit myself.

Concrete : Would have to be delivered, then would need to stage a world's strongest man competition to get them round to the back. :lol: Easily 4 times the weight of wood, so with delivery and hefty fence erectors, the costs would spiral upwards.
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