Hello! Thanks for accepting me

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Hello! Thanks for accepting me

Post by Kateheartsplants » Mon Dec 16, 2019 3:14 pm

Hi everyone

I'm Kate, a 26 year old bio lab technician from CT, South Africa living in Sheffield, UK (for about 5 years).

I'm new to growing exotics (in the UK at least - whole different ball game!) and currently attempting to germinate a few different types of seeds, including Dioon edule, Cycas revoluta, Agave, Musa and Aloe. So far only one Dioon and one Agave have sprouted, however a few of the Cycas seed casings have split so I'm praying that they may germinate soon too.

I also have a few other seeds and cuttings on the go, although I'm not sure they qualify as hardy tropicals so not sure if I should mention them? They include Cyperus papyrus, Pachypodium, and a number of other caudex plants.

Looking forward to seeing how they grow :)

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Hello! Thanks for accepting me

Post by GREVILLEAJ » Tue Dec 17, 2019 10:51 pm

Hello Kate. Welcome to HTUK icon_cheers

You are the first new member I can recall who is starting off her 'exotics' career with subjects grown entirely from seed. Congratulations :wink: Most of our members here would not share your patience :lol:

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