Advice for prospective members - PLEASE READ

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Advice for prospective members - PLEASE READ

Post by Dave Brown » Wed Jan 19, 2011 10:03 pm

Please be aware we are no longer accepting new registrations to the HTUK forums. If you wish to join the community this is found at our Facebook page found on the top menu.

A few pointers to anyone wishing to join Hardy Tropicals.

All membership( Registration) requests are manually vetted and IP checks are carried out. We will reject if we cannot verify that you will be a genuine member, adhering to the forum rules.

Your request may be rejected for various reasons, including, but not limited to
- Using a known proxy to mask identity
- The Location field entry is different from the registering IP address country ie Location = London, but registration IP address is not in UK.
- An offensive or derogatory Username
- Name field not filled or appearing not genuine
- Location is not specific enough or genuine ie UK, USA, Europe etc..
Location needs to be a at least a county/state/region and preferably a nearby City. (This enables us to understand what you may be able to grow)

If you have a genuine membership request and are from China or Russia please support your request by using the contact link at the bottom of the page. Most requests from those countries, to date, have been solely to advertise which is not allowable on the public forums.

As vetting is manual there may be a delay in acceptance.

Please bear the above in mind when registering and you should not have problems icon_thumright

New members will be on standard privileges on joining the forum, this will mean that not all areas can be accessed, and some faciliites will not be available . After posting you can use the contact form to request upgraded member access which will unlock other areas of the site.
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