Covering butia capitata/ jubea chilensis.


Re: Covering butia capitata/ jubea chilensis.

Post by Nigel » Thu Oct 27, 2011 7:07 pm

karl, you often get small brown marks on the emerging spears in spring caused by frost and water but often you get worse damage from heavy protection. I remember trying to protect a Butia in the early years of my hobby and the wind and condensation wrecked the outer leaves, when it was left to its own devices it was just a few unsightly brown marks on the emerging spears in spring.
Most palms can take 40 or 50 frosts a year without too much problem, the key is knowing which frosts will do the damage.
Those are the severe ones , worst is when you have rain or melting snow in the day and at night its -8C or worse.
My advice is watch the weather forecasts , do nothing unless they forecast worse than -5C then get the protection out.
Most often you just need to throw fleece sheets over the top.
If they are talking about a severe arctic spell of sub zero day and night then you need to think about tieing up the leaves and putting more serious protection depending on duration and severity.

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