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Di, I lost 3 Chilense despite the being beneath Bamboos so it could just be they're not as hardy as we're led to believe :evil:
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Re: Blechnum Tabulare

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Were yours in the ground Grub. I was thinking perhaps it was because mine was potted and the pot froze was why it died. I put mine under a raincover thinking this would be enough, in hindsight, I should have popped it in the greenhouse. :(

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Re: Blechnum Tabulare

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Yes mine were/are (just in case :lol: ) in the ground Di. (Last winter dealt with them so pretty sure they wouldn't have come through this one :evil: )

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did say i was going to reply to this thread..

I have three Chilense two of which are now sending out new fronds. The old fronds remained green however they snapped under the weight of the snow..they were still connected onto the trunked but looked untidy as the branch has snapped (you know what i mean), the last chilense may not even be dead because I am under such deep shade it takes longer for the soil to heat up consequently plants take longer to do anything.

Two nudums very small akamba ones, both made it and have new growth although the plant looks considerably smaller then what I started off the verdicts still out on nudum

Tabulare one made it one looks dead, however its the same story as Nudum as half the verdicts still out. Its harder to say with definitively whats a doer and whats just bordering on the tender side mainly because of the severity of the winter clouding the issue...I will see how the smaller ones do, if they impress me I will get bigger ones If they don't I am going to move away partly because of the wide selection of ferns available..I would rather have a healthy looking plant first and foremost.

Natives like spicant even the tiniest ones have taken this winter in their stride.

Re: Blechnum Tabulare

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I got a lovely Blechnum Tabulare from Nigel Fear earlier part of this year, and this winter I will keep it potted and safe...

What about next Spring though?
I'd like to plant it out under the overhead protection of Vivax bamboo and a 5ft Trachycarpus.

Anyone else got one planted out and how does it fare..??
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