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Post by Kerry78 » Fri Mar 14, 2014 2:30 am

Hi Everyone,

Firstly I wanna say what a pleasure it is to have found a really useful forum dedicated to
various plants 8)

Anyway heres my Plant disasters I really could do with advice because im that murderous plant
woman lolz .....I started about 4 years ago buying various plants for my flat I wanted plants to hide
bare boring areas of my home so I purchased a fair few "Phoenix / Canary Palms" but i've
never been successful at keeping them going.

My first (Phoenix) survived about 2 years but one day I noticed the leaves flop abit)
did abit of looking around and it turned out the base was rotten I guess (Overwatering)

Second the (Canary) lasted a year I think that was down to Cold winter the leaves turned brown

last year I bought another Canary and to say its still perking up ive seen the odd leave end tip turn brown
but i've just cut those of lol

there is a new leave growing on it the moment its not that tall a plant at the moment, really unsure if I
should re-pot it or not will shove pics of it up at some stage :)

when it comes to watering I leave it a few weeks but with Spring just in i've re-started giving it a drip feeder plus some Baby Bio im really unsure if it needs any drips during winter i'm just wondering if that is why the leaves tips were turning brown on it cos of that?

other Disasters ive had is Dragon Trees they hate me ive had 2 large ones the first one died cos of too much water
the stork went all mushy on me my second one had Mealy bugs and lasted about 4 weeks its safe to say that I think
im to stay away from those :lol:

Cycas revoluta I had for a few months was fine at first then got grey/white coloured leaves Oh Gee I hear you all
firing at me :oops:

anyway so moving on to plants I have at the moment : Mexican fan palm 2 seedlings, Yukka, Spider plant
and my best grower ive had for 5 years my lovely Pink Cyclamen (I guess i'll get my coat huh?) lolz 8)

tropical Tom

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Post by tropical Tom » Fri Mar 14, 2014 5:56 am

Hi Kerry, and welcome, I learned everything I know from the good people on here! What do you grow and pics of your garden is always a good starter :D (only just seen the rest of your post which tells me what you grow) :oops:

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Post by Tom2006 » Fri Mar 14, 2014 7:57 am


Sorry to hear about your plants. The ones you have lost are not the hardiest though. Maybe go for tougher exotics like trachycarpus palms mus basjoo bananas etc?

That said whatever you need help with there is always someone here who can advise.
Most wanted list - Any Young Trachycarpus and/or fern.


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Post by kata » Fri Mar 14, 2014 10:55 am

Ditto and welcome Kerry!

As Tom said

Trachicarpus fortunei

Fern - Dicksonia antartica


Not sure how hardy Sikkimensis are.

Canna are great but may need digging up before the first frost.

There are of course hardy palms and plants.

Good luck and don't forget pics please.

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Post by dino » Fri Mar 14, 2014 9:28 pm

Hi Kerry and welcome to forum. Yes the West Mids is a challenge but with a bit of knowledge and TLC it's amazing what you can grow. You'll learn loads here. We also generally do a local meet at nearby Akamba but they seem to have gone more towards Evening entertainment so not sure if we'll do it this year. Keep looking on here though for updates icon_thumright icon_thumright

fern Rob

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Post by fern Rob » Fri Mar 14, 2014 11:30 pm



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Post by Kerry78 » Sat Mar 15, 2014 1:24 am

Thanks for the Nice welcomes all :D

All my plants are indoors my garden is shared with another neighbour
my part is tidy but its taken me ages to clear it up the grass is lumpy
i've had to deal with nettles, chopping down bushes and trees to get it the
way it is now thing is I wish to perhaps move into a larger property so I don't
want to plant anything in it 8)

I've attached some Pictures of everything I have :)
the "Yucca" is the newest one ive got its lives in the Living room by the tv and window
so its getting light (I would like to move it into a larger pot) however ive heard disasters
happen when moving those what type of compost do they need in order for me to transplant
into a bigger pot? there isn't a rush to do this infact I want to see if it lasts before even thinking
about that lol

Before I got those Mexican Seedlings I had a Trach it did nicely for 3 years until this year it turned
brown and dyed I guess my hall was colder than exspected for it this year was very upset I loved the
fan type leaves it had :cry:

Would be nice if these seedlings grow btw I might put them on my doorstep so they catch the warmth
I also do this with my canary palm in the summer I watered it and put it outside all day and brought it
in at night :)
image (3).jpeg
image (2).jpeg
image (1).jpeg


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Post by kata » Sat Mar 15, 2014 11:28 am

Some lovely plants there Kerry, they look nice and healthy too.
I wish to perhaps move into a larger property so I don't want to plant anything in it.
Same as me. I share a trip of lawn at the front, its about a three foot piece. My neighbour has the other half of the lawn and also a strip of lawn about 8ft of plant space. I don't have that just the three foot lawn space.

I did ask about space and was told the guy who has the use of the other side does'nt want plants so I am left with pots.

So for three years I bid on properties in my old town. At least there though the front is open plan I will have a small back garden with a 10 foot long walled border but I have to wait till a bungalow comes available.

I am currently getting the planted plants into pots ready for a move out should it come.



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Post by Kerry78 » Sat Mar 15, 2014 12:13 pm

Thankyou Kata :D

I do try to look after the plants lol but somehow they do wither away (disappointing really) :lol:

The Garden I have is a Side the whole garden has 2 Sides and a path in the middle so I have 1 half and
people above me the other, they also have the front garden to what annoys me is that they have those gardens but yet they don't tend to them as much there very messy left un-cut half the time, if i do anything in the garden they yell at me like last year I took all the ivy down surrounding my window and the woman just was very rude about me doing that some neighbours aye

I find it hard to bid on properties, one came up last week round the corner from where I am now I was so excited I bid then find out im 7th in the Queue 2 days later I checked again and im 10th I really did send a harshly email to my Council about this because properties in my area are hard to come by i've been waiting 2 years already icon_aaargh


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Post by kata » Sat Mar 15, 2014 12:36 pm

Hi Kerry,

I wanted a bigger bungalow where I lived before, I still was waiting 7 years later.

I kept my name on their list though. Here its been three years going on four. Councils change the criteria to suit. For example my son split from his long time partner with that he also lost his home so I applied for a two bed here with gardens but they said it was for families with children.

My son is not an alien, he is family. So the house they gave someone else I am watching the house as its close to my bus stop to make darn sure I see kids playing in the garden during holdays. The council will get the bitter end of my right hand in writing if I believe no kids live there.

So all there is unless its a dump is the housing is reserved for families with children. Apart from that I never settled away from my roots so I am homeward bound back.

The plants need food, water but not too much. Google each plant. Yucca care for Instance brings this.

http://howto.yellow.co.nz/home-garden/g ... ucca-care/

Do that in Google for all your lovely plants. If you don't know a plant name then pic and members can help with that.

Ignore bad mannerd neighbours and keep bidding Kerry, write to the main person (not some desk jerk) at your council with a complaints letter, even ask what your allowed to plant and where.

Contact your MP if your being treated unfairly on housing. Its almost time to vote so pounce. :lol: :lol:


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Post by Kerry78 » Wed Mar 26, 2014 1:29 am

Hi Kata,

I don't think i'm going to get anywhere I never recieved a reply back to my Email from my Council
best thing I can do really is try and get a better job so I can go Private or perhaps buy a better fold up bed
and stay where I am, i've looked at the HomeSwapper site and registered for that to but not many properties come up in my area there like Goldust a lot of people seem to want to live round here according to the Bidding via the Council site I become 10th in line for that property in the end :shock:

I hope you get somewhere I agree that they do seem to reserve properties for people with Kids, ive got a couple of teens next door to me who have a baby which they were given that big 2 bedroom house, I don't speak to them but i've been out in the Garden before when they were out there to and the cheeky girl called me a Skinny cow I couldn't believe it and went back indoors the cheek of some people aye :lol:

Thanks for that Link i'm going to read it i've tried not to water the Yucca there has been a few spots of brown on the a few of the leaves i've cut one leave which was badly affected as I thought it had a disease but 2 new leaves have opened nicely on it :)

I think I will put my Canary Palm into a bigger pot later this year it has got 2 new leaves growing on it which is great to see, I also purchased a "Trachycarpus" which alot of people above mentioned it was abit Sun Scorned but its in a larger pot now and I think it will do well 8)


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Post by kata » Wed Mar 26, 2014 10:42 am

Hi Kerry,

Check to see if you could be prioritized any better with your council.

Get in touch with one particular person again and tell them that its a formal letter and its to be treated as such . tell them where you live and how it is affects your daily life.

Tell them about the neighbour's comments and how hurtful they are as well as also affecting your well being.

Health problems, tell them about those in the letter, they should send out a form to house you on medical grounds..be honest because they will get in touch with your doctor.

If all else fails then there is the Ombudsman for tenants.


Above all keep smiling.



Re: Hello

Post by Kerry78 » Thu Apr 03, 2014 2:04 am

Hi Kata,

Thanks :lol:

my housing officer sometimes comes round the area to visit tenants so if I see him and he says anything I will
bring it up, I will keep looking on the home Bidding site to I just think its very frustrating that bidding they should bring back the old way where they used to write to you if they had a property available nowadays there to many people trying to move I guess its also down to the Government this to with that bedroom tax there isn't a lot of 1 bedroom flats available and this could be the thing where I am in!

I will keep looking anyway I guess I would need £1000 at least to move maybe I should just spend £300 on a New
Fold Up bed and stop moaning like my partners says (damn I hate fold up beds lol) :mrgreen:

btw I re-potted my Canary island Palm Tree into a large & I got a Trachycarpus from ebay it was a bit worse for ware
Sun scorched but i'm hoping it will be ok (See Pics) :D


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Post by kata » Tue May 22, 2018 2:59 pm

It looks ok now Kerry.

I was rang by housing for this latest bungalow.


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