Trachycarpus transplant

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Trachycarpus transplant

Post by JamesFrond » Sun Jul 01, 2018 12:36 pm

Hi all last year on August 1st 2017 I dug up this Trachycarpus that is 12 year old with a nice 65cm trunk that was bought as a £5 10inch tall baby plant from bnq,after I dug it up I only managed to get 15% roots out of 100% but put it in the ground as soon as I got it home,but I had to dig it back up in April just gone and put it in a pot as I had to move home,will this ever regrow again,I'm not seeing roots on the top 3 inches of clay/compost soil,the biggest spear is already split before the dig in August,other spear I'm not sure if moving it knocked the spear and forced it open etc,the fronds are all closed and hanging but green,what should I do to ensure it grows?I can't plant it as not my property,should I change soil etc?
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Trachycarpus transplant

Post by tatter » Sun Jul 01, 2018 1:04 pm

Hello sorry but we cannot see photos on the site admin are working on it.
I'm no expert but I suspect it is suffering from major root shock as you only took a small amount of root ball. If it is still alive it will be trying to make roots at the cost of the foliage. The only thing I could suggest is that you treat the base of the plant with something like rootgrow.But it may be to late. :(
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