Closing the HTUK Forum

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Aidan Brown
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Closing the HTUK Forum

Post by Aidan Brown »

Hi everyone,

Firstly I'd like to apologise to anyone who has contacted me recently to reset passwords etc and hasn't had a response. This post should explain why.

As some have commented the forum is not being actively monitored and hasn't been for a long while now. Following the recent possible data breach it has highlighted this more than ever. After discussions we have decided that is better to close it to new posts now to prevent further abuse and preserve what information is there without it being lost in a sea of spam and without risking people's details. The information contained within the forum will become read only and no new posts will be possible in any forums. All current user accounts will be removed so that no information about individuals is left on the server and this of course means no new user accounts can be created.

When the site started back in 2004 we would never have dreamt it would have become what it did. At its peak we had 200 people on the forum at the same time and members from all over the world! We've experimented with Photo Galleries, a chatroom, Wiki and we have been through a number of redesigns (whether you liked the redesigns or not is another matter!)

With the good times there has been the testing times, including the mass exodus of people in 2007/2008 and the data loss in 2018, caused by me removing a no longer used sub-domain that the databases had been linked to after a hosting server move which I found out afterwards.

Since this time most people have moved onto the HTUK Facebook group, which has been a natural progression for the majority of forums in my experience. This is where Dave spends most of his time.

While all of this has gone on I have gone from GCSE's to A Levels, University and onto my current position IT Manager of 4 sites in 3 countries. So the available time I have to spend on the site is significantly less that it was in the past.

This coupled with some very difficult and private matters in our family in recent years, the forum took a back seat.

All of this considered, we hope the majority of you will understand this decision.


Note - Dave may be following this up with more information shortly, at this time we havent set a date for stopping posts.

If anyone still active wants a copy of their information (pictures / post contents) please ask and I'll pull together what I can in one file to send to you.

If you would still like your password reset please get in touch and I can do this for now.
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Closing the HTUK Forum


All good things come to an end.

Good idea to preserve the information. Too much good reference material to ignore. I certainly would like a file preserved.

Many thanks, Dave and Aidan for all the work you both have put in.

Won't use Facebook, I'm afraid, so my participation with HTUK will cease, but there will still be contact, communication and comments with some members on other forums.

I'll continue to post until the 'last post'🎺
chainsaw kid
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Closing the HTUK Forum

Post by chainsaw kid »

Hi to you both, Sorry to hear about your decision, but I am not surprised, I have gleaned a lot of useful information over the years and I thank you. Indeed I am quite sad to hear this. Unfortunately I don't use Facebook so I will say goodbye and thank you. Best wishes to you both in the future, kind regards Jason. icon_salut icon_thumright
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The Kid.
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Gary the flounder
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Closing the HTUK Forum

Post by Gary the flounder »

But...but....I've only just managed to get back on here!
It's inevitable the youngsters progress onto social media, whereas us of the older generation tend to prefer the layout of a web forum.
All the best people, stay safe
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Closing the HTUK Forum

Post by rufc15lizzie »

What an absolute shame. I only joined in 2011 so I haven't been around as long as most but over the last 9 years i have found this forum invaluable.
My garden wouldn't have turned into what it is today if it wasn't for all the information and advice I have gained from here. So i think it is great that the forum will stay as an information archive.

Yes I have joined the facebook page but its biggest drawback is that its instant, you can't look back for advice. I very rarely comment or interact with the facebook page.

Just a big thank you to Aidan and Dave for the website and forum in the first place, you have done a marvellous job. I've enjoyed it.
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Yorkshire Kris
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Closing the HTUK Forum

Post by Yorkshire Kris »

It was good whilst it lasted. Learnt and shared a lot on here over the years. It was on these pages that I decided to start doing Youtube Videos so it's thanks to this forum that you get weekly exotic gardening videos (whether you like them or not!) :lol:
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Yorkshire Kris
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Closing the HTUK Forum

Post by Yorkshire Kris »

The top posters, some of which I don't recognise on Facebook. Is Conifers still around?
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Closing the HTUK Forum

Post by Chad »

Huge thanks to Aidan and Dave for all the work they put in over the years.

Nothing can fill the specific niche that will be left, but Growing on the Edge offers a more serious alternative, and Pushing the Borders is a small [currently Cornwall biased] chatty forum.

I'll miss HTUK.

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Closing the HTUK Forum

Post by karl66 »

Just to mirror what's already been said...a wicked shame really.
Invaluable information gained over the years and I've met some fantastic like minded people over the time at various events etc.

All the best everyone .

Adam R84
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Closing the HTUK Forum

Post by Adam R84 »

It is a shame that this forum has had to come to an end. The information that I have gained from this site has been very valuable to me over the years. Im not a new member. I joined in 2012 but have been unable to log in for a while so recently decided to make a new account. I was originally called Adam r. There is a lot of valuable reading on the site but not all questions can be answered without creating posts and asking more experienced members for their valuable advice that has come from years of experience and experimenting. I think a lot of people, me included would not have dared to start this hobby without the help of members on the site.

Thank you everyone who has given me help and support and kept me going through the teaching of their successes and failures.

R.I.P. Hardy tropicals
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Closing the HTUK Forum

Post by NigePook »

Hi guys, such a shame things have come to an end. Thankyou Dave and Aidan for what was such a wonderfully inspirational web site. Unfortunately I won’t be joining facebook either.
Good luck in your future endeavours
Nige Pook icon_salut
Ps I joined back in about 2010 and could only rejoin recently and realised the site wasn’t what it used to be.
RIP Hardy Tropicals UK.
daz h
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Closing the HTUK Forum

Post by daz h »

As said , real shame to see the forum go , never posted loads as I'm not really experienced enough to give others advice but have learnt loads over the years. Thanks for all the good advice , this forum played a massive part in my gardening adventure.unfortunately I'm not on Facebook either but my mrs is so I'm sure I can persuade her to put a few pics etc on there.
All the best
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Closing the HTUK Forum

Post by ConcreteJungle »

Haven’t logged on for many years. Wow. I learnt so much from this forum. And I’m very proud of my garden, although it took a bit of a back burner for years now due to many reasons! But still looks great with no new plants in like 5years.
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Closing the HTUK Forum


Hi CJ . Welcome and goodbye :shock:

You were the first post for six or seven weeks. I thought admin had terminated posting my now. The forum site is still a goldmine of information and I'm always trawling through it. I'm very glad this point of reference will remain. icon_study
I am still Freebird
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Closing the HTUK Forum

Post by I am still Freebird »

Long live the forum 😁🤣🤞🏻
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