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Re: Plants outside

Post by Adrian » Fri Oct 09, 2009 9:09 pm

Im just tidying a few gone over annuals at the moment, I wont be worrying about putting plants to bed yet.
The less time you have plants tucked up the better and a light frost isnt going to hurt anything.
I have no intention of considering winter protection just yet.
January and February are the dodgy times for the palms and the majority of my garden, of course the real tender stuff will be put away before then but October is too early to start worrying.

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Re: Plants outside

Post by Dave Brown » Sat Oct 10, 2009 6:32 am

dave2166 wrote: no prizes for guessing what i'm doing this weekend then, more digging, potting, and battening down the hatches for winter.................. depresssing isnt it?
The way I look at it is this..... Some people concentrate on the hardy and near hardy stuff, like many of the palms that are tough woody type plants. These fortunate people don't have as much to do in preparation for winter. I, on the other hand, keep saying I'm only going for the more hardy stuff, but am constantly tempted by the tender, jungly, soft stuff like Bananas and Aroids, these to me give the WOW factor :shock: to the summer garden. Some are hardyish, others more tender, but, if grown well, all are BIG. icon_thumright I have some spectacular Alocasia this year after finally mastering how to grow them, but don't want them to die back as 2010 will be year of the monster plant, I hope. :wink:

These plants need to come in, in a succession of moves to more sheltered places, but from experience I know once the clocks go back, 24th October this year, I am completely screwed up by lack of daylight hours. I never get everything done in time, but with the erection of my new polytunnel (this weekend) I'm hoping to be on top of it this year icon_thumright New topic on that once complete.
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Roll on summer.....

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