blechnum delivery

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blechnum delivery

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just thought i'd upload a picture of my Blechnum Tabulares which have just arrived from burncoose. So made up with the plants :D On the largest plant ( I got three) the largest frond is about 2 foot long and seven inches wide. No trunk of course but great price and delivery efficient. The other two are smaller but still good value.

Made my day! icon_cheers

(first photo post so hope it works)
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Re: blechnum delivery

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Would have made my day too Mike icon_thumleft looks a lovely fern.

I've had mine for maybe four years, managed to get them through the horrible 2010/11 Winter here with lots of fleece protection but did lose the main growth but did grow new shoots from ground level, but hopefully that year was a one-off. Last year they did well and carried on from where they left off.

I found out much to my annoyance that they enjoy a more shady spot - they get badly scorched when there is strong sun early on in the year on the young new fronds.

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